What type of driving opportunities does Exxact have?

Exxact has three regionally defined driving opportunities:

  1. Over the Road: O/O equipment is tagged to go throughout our extended operating area. Typical Miles: 2,000 - 2,500/week
  2. Southeast: O/O equipment is tagged to go throughout our primary operating region. Typical Miles: 2,000 - 2,500/week
  3. Florida Only: O/O equipment is tagged to operate within the state of Florida. Typical Miles: 1,500 – 2,000


How often will I get paid?

Driver payroll is processed weekly and distributed on Fridays by direct deposit. Settlement summaries are provided online by Wednesday afternoons for review.

What is the pay structure?

Owner Operators start at 70% of the gross line haul revenue.

An annual increase of 1% will be added for each year of service; capping out at 75% Fuel Surcharge:

100% of Exxact Transport’s Driver Fuel Surcharge Schedule for those customers where all or part of the fuel surcharge is not added into the line haul charge.


Southeast/OTR company drivers start at $0.45 per mile.

An annual increase of $0.01 will be added for each year of service, capping out at $0.45.

What is your fuel surcharge?

Our fuel surcharge adjusts weekly based on the national average to ensure you are fairly compensated for the high cost of fuel.

How often will I get home for the weekend?

If you give us two weekends a month on the road we will give you two weekends at home.

Do you have a tag program?

If you do not have a tag and so choose, Exxact Transport can complete the paperwork to purchase the tag and deduct the cost and processing fee automatically from settlements. Tag and cab card must be returned immediately upon lease termination.

What type of trailer does Exxact use?

Exxact uses late model 53' x 102" dry vans.

What is your freight makeup?

General dry goods: dry grocery, beverages, paper products, building materials, grain/feed, etc.

How much hand unloading do you have?

95% of the freight is no touch; the other 5% is paid driver assist.

Will you do my fuel taxes for me?

Yes, Exxact handles the filing of fuel taxes for owner operators.

What deductions should I expect?

Insurance: All operators are required to carry insurance through Exxact for Non Trucking Liability (aka: Bobtail) and Occupational Accident Insurance. Optional Physical Damage Insurance coverage can also be purchased through the company.

Administrative Fee: The admin fee covers our administrative cost to provide unlimited Transflo usage, fuel tax preparation, liability and cargo insurance coverage.

Security Deposit: A security deposit of $2,500 is collected to cover outstanding advances due at the end of a lease. (Example: fuel purchases, claim deductibles, outstanding deductions, etc.)

What kind of support is there if I have questions?

Exxact has live dispatchers on site 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Do you use document scanning?

Exxact has partnered with Transflo Document Scanning to provide operators with unlimited scanning of required paperwork. You have up to two weeks to turn in your originals – without having to wait for your settlement!

What if my question was not answered here?

For additional information please contact our recruiting department at 863-682-1799, or click here to fill out our contact form.